Thursday, 14 August 2014
at 8 pm, St Peter's Church, Radovljica

France, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Katarina Livljanić voice, direction
Albrecht Maurer fiddle, rebec
Norbert Rodenkirchen medieval flutes

Jure Miloš voice, gusle, diple, dvojnice
Joško Ćaleta voice, direction
Srečko Damjanović voice
Nikola Damjanović voice
Milivoj Rilov voice

Heretical Angels
Rituals and popular beliefs in medieval Bosnia and Herzegovina

With Slovenian surtitles

Photo: Agathe Poupeney

In their new programme, Dialogos and Kantaduri meet Jure Miloš, one of today’s youngest epic singers in Herzegovina. Together they explore the liturgical traditions of medieval Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Catholics, Jews, Muslims, the Orthodox and heretical Christians coexisted. Their programme is a journey from the creation to the end of the world, from birth to death, with benedictions and maledictions, invocations of angels, and the exorcism of evil spirits.



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