Sunday, 18 August 2013
at 8 pm, Radovljica Manor

Switzerland, Spain, Italy

Arianna Savall soprano, bárbitos
Giovanni Cantarini tenor, kithára
Martin Lorenz týmpana, kýmbala, krótala
Conrad Steinmann aulos, kýmbala, seîstron, music, direction


Ancient Greek music on lyrics from the 6th and 5th centuries BC

Has the music of classical Greek antiquity disappeared for all eternity, in contrast to the fine arts, architecture and literature of the time? Already in the late Renaissance, artists and intellectuals tried to revive the connection between text and music in the Greek tragedies, eventually creating the first operas. For almost twenty years musician and musical archaeologist Conrad Steinmann has been reconstructing instruments and music from Ancient Greece. His music is new but its elements align as closely as possible to historical facts.





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