Saturday, 9 August 2014
at 8 pm, Radovljica Manor

Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA

David Yacus buisine
Christian Braun buisine
Gesine Bänfer shawm, bombarde, bagpipes
Ian Harrison shawm, bombarde, bagpipes
Michael Metzler percussion
Andrea Piccioni percussion

Ad modum tubae
Medieval music for brass, wind and percussion instruments

Programme: Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume de Machaut, Joan Ambrosio Dalza, anonymous composers


In the Middle Ages the sounds of the orient began to enchant the occident. Loud wind and percussion instruments inherited from Saracen ceremonial bands proved to be ideal for representing the power, magnificence and splendour of the nobility, the city and the church. Les haulz et les bas perform festive instrumental music of the 14th and 15th centuries in a symmetrical ensemble with long trumpets that are still used in traditional music in some countries.





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