Saturday, 24 August 2013
at 8 pm, Radovljica Manor

Germany, Australia

Marion Treupel-Franck classical flute
Sebastian Kürzl classical clarinet
Franz Draxinger natural horn
Lyndon Watts classical bassoon

2408-Marion-Treupel-Franck  2408-Lyndon-Watts12408-Franz-Draxinger 2408-Sebastian-K-rzl 

Romantic chamber music for wind quartet

Programme: Gioacchino Rossini, Martin Joseph Mengal, Louis Emmanuel Jadin,
F. Clapisson, Josef Fiala

The Mengal Quartet performs chamber music of the early 19th century on appropriate period wind instruments. Their programme is centred around less known authors who worked in Paris; at this time the city was not only one of the leading centres of opera but also the home of famous instrument makers such as the Stradivarius of the bassoon, Jean-Nicolas Savary. The ensemble is named after the Belgian composer and horn player Martin Joseph Mengal (1784–1851) who expertly exploits the capabilities of all four instruments in his quartets.

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