Radovljica Manor 2014
at 8 pm, Monday, 11 August

Slovenia, Austria, Australia, Germany

Theresa Dlouhy soprano
Matthew Baker baritone
Axel Wolf theorbo
Domen Marinčič harpsichord
Tomaž Sevšek chest organ

O Cain, where is your brother?
Sacred Dialogues from the 17th Century

Programme: Adriano Banchieri, Gabriello Puliti, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Carlo Grossi, Givanni Legrenzi, Luigi Battiferri

With Slovenian surtitles

Rembrandt: Cain Slays Abel

Sacred dialogues feature conversations between saints, angels, sinners and various Biblical characters. They were performed at private gatherings, meetings of academies and fraternities, and – despite prohibitions from Rome – during the liturgical rituals of important religious feasts. Such works were also popular in the territory of present-day Slovenia and are found amongst the music manuscripts and prints which used in Koper Cathedral.

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