Sunday, 16 August at 8 pm
St Peter's Church, Radovljica


Christel Boiron soprano
Esther Labourdette soprano
Lucien Kandel countertenor, direction
Xavier Olagne countertenor
Jérémie Couleau tenor
Thierry Péteau tenor
Marc Busnel bass
Hubert Dény bass

Passion and resurrection motets by Jacobus Handl - Gallus

1608 Musica Nova foto Michel Joly
Photo: Michel Joly

Specialising in medieval and renaissance music, Musica Nova have also dedicated themselves to the music of Jacobus Handl – Gallus, the great 16th-century composer born on the territory of present-day Slovenia. Despite his short life, Gallus left about five hundred works and published three quarters of them in his impressive collection of motets Opus musicum. This programme presents a selection of pieces celebrating the birth, death and resurrection of Christ.

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